A Five-Step Guide to Implementing Test Automation

Jan 29, 2020 12:19:28 AM / by Jori Ramakers

Test automation is at the core of continuous testing, and is one of the key enablers for a fully automated CI/CD pipeline. It is, however, not just as simple as selecting a testing tool to gain the substantial benefits automation and continuous testing can bring. 

Therefore, our first article - in a series of many - covers the benefits of test automation and how to achieve them in a simple five-step approach. We cover the identification of automation candidates, tool selection, training, automation and execution.

The team and community are working tirelessly to create more content for you to consume. Next up we will cover how the software testing life cycle applies in an agile testing approach. You can also expect an article that covers the four core values "Quality First", "Quality Is Everyone's Responsibility", "Collaborate" and "Embrace Failure" which define the foundation of your testing transformation.

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For now, join us and read up on how to implement test automation.

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Jori Ramakers

Written by Jori Ramakers

Jori is one of the co-creators of The ACT Framework. He is the Director of CX Strategy at Tricentis and has been active in the QA & Testing industry for over 12 years.