Master Testing Metrics with our New Video Series

Feb 3, 2021 4:44:08 AM / by Mark Trinh

Making decisions driven by data is the logical direction to go to keep your team’s outputs relevant and on track. Measuring your continuous testing progress at every stage of the testing life cycle is integral to ensure a smooth-sailing release with minimal business risks.  

With the importance of data in mind, The ACT Framework has created a video series, Mastering Metrics, showcasing essential testing metrics to measure your success. You’ll learn the value of each metric and how to apply each one with clear examples. With this know-how, you’ll be fully equipped to calculate how your testing matches up to these benchmarks – and crucially, get to where you want to be! 

Dive right in and check out the metrics videos.  

The first key metrics we will look at are: 

  • Automation Rate 
  • Requirements Coverage 
  • Test Data Automation Rate 

With many more to follow! 

The succinct videos are designed for when you have a few moments open in your schedule. We’ll be releasing a video every week, each edition being hosted by one of our expert ACT correspondents, Kahn Tinuous and Tessa Ting. 

In the words of Peter Drucker, “It’s impossible to improve what you can’t measure”. We are excited to join you on your journey of mastering testing metrics to better your practices. You can start this journey today - watch the videos on our brand-new videos page.  

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the metrics videos series – it has been crafted with you in mind, to give you valuable benchmarks that you can action right away.  

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Mark Trinh

Written by Mark Trinh

Mark Trinh is part of the Digital Transformation Strategy team at Tricentis. At Tricentis, his responsibilities include developing strategies and programs to help large enterprises to improve on their testing practices. Through his work with these enterprise, he saw a pattern of successes and failures in scaling continuous testing across an enterprise. Mark took these learnings and co-created The ACT Framework to help guide the organization through their continuous testing journey.