New Framework Delivers Continuous Testing for Enterprises

Dec 8, 2019 8:07:53 PM / by Mark Trinh

Network of Leading Software Testing Professionals Launches The ACT Framework and Summarizes Best Practices in Free White Paper

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA (November 7, 2019) –The Accelerated Continuous Testing (ACT) Framework, a consortium of software testing professionals who collaborate to foster better software testing practices, announced today that it has published The ACT Framework, a methodology for implementing continuous testing in an enterprise. The consortium has summarized this methodology in a new white paper and seeks to establish The ACT Framework as the universal standard for continuous testing.  

Under pressure to keep up with the new digital economy, enterprises around the world are constantly rethinking their approaches to doing business. They seek to innovate as quickly as possible by delivering software rapidly, but without sacrificing quality. The increased speed of software delivery requires continuous testing, but today’s testing practices don’t support it 

The ACT Framework defines the coordination of people, activities, processes, and technology implementation at three distinct levels across the enterprise. It defines the testing stages that should occur at these levels as well as the common practices that span across the levels. The Framework is designed to help ensure that all stakeholders throughout the development lifecycle will benefit from having constant feedback loop on product quality 

Although The ACT Framework is a collaborative effort among software testing professionals, it is sponsored by several corporations. Initial sponsors include NarwalTasktopThe Testing ConsultancyNous Infosystems, and Tricentis—companies that are dedicated to enhancing the software delivery cycle.  

“Agile and DevOps methodologies have been slow to incorporate recent evolutions in the world of testing,” says Mik Kersten, Founder and CEO of Tasktop and Author of Project to Product. “Yet organizations managing complex software portfolios often find that modernizing quality management is a critical bottleneck to velocity. ACT fills this gap by providing a framework that encompasses all of the roles and processes needed to succeed with continuous testing—a critical stepping stone on the path to continuous delivery.”  

The ACT Framework is built on the belief that testing is everyone’s responsibility,” says Christian Plaichner, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Tricentis. “Rather than concentrating testing resources and efforts at the end of the development cycle, enterprises can save themselves considerable time and effort—and dramatically increase product quality—by embedding quality into every development process throughout the organization. We urge software development professionals to explore what The ACT Framework can do for their development cycles—and their bottom line.”  

Tricentis, one of ACT’s platinum sponsors, has invited ACT to make its first appearance at the Tricentis Accelerate Vienna 2019 conference—Europe’s largest automation conference—in Vienna, Austria on November 13-14, 2019Get more information 

Interested parties may learn about The ACT Framework by downloading a white paper at 


About The ACT Framework 

The ACT Framework is a consortium of individuals and companies in the software testing industry that work together to foster better software testing practices for development organizations around the globe. Founding corporate partners of The ACT Framework include NarwalTasktop, The Testing Consultancy, and Tricentis. The consortium has designed, published, and continues to develop The ACT Framework—a well-defined set of best practices for automating continuous testing throughout an enterprise. The ACT Framework continues to solicit the involvement of developers, software testers and organizations interested in contributing their thought leadership to the streamlining of testing practice. Learn more at 


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Mark Trinh

Written by Mark Trinh

Mark Trinh is part of the Digital Transformation Strategy team at Tricentis. At Tricentis, his responsibilities include developing strategies and programs to help large enterprises to improve on their testing practices. Through his work with these enterprise, he saw a pattern of successes and failures in scaling continuous testing across an enterprise. Mark took these learnings and co-created The ACT Framework to help guide the organization through their continuous testing journey.