Implementing a Success Story Program for Testing Transformation

Sep 9, 2020 4:24:23 AM / by Jori Ramakers

Creating and sharing success stories in your organization supports internal success and external marketing programs. It creates awareness and visibility with leadership and peers in your organization. When undergoing a business transformation, it is mandatory to show the value you are creating quick and often. This is the best way to live up to the core values. It creates buyin and enthusiasm and it recognizes the people involved in building the success, increasing the overall team spirit.

In digital transformation, specifically when transforming your testing organization, this is no different. You need to develop a plan how to and how often to share success. You need to identify what you want to share and why you want to share it. Creating and sharing success stories is a continuous improvement mechanism that is often forgotten, overlooked or deemed unimportant. Per our experience, sharing value quick and often will truly accelerate change and challenge the status quo.

Join Lindsay Dycus, Reference Program leader at Tricentis and read her latest article to understand what it takes to  set up a success story program in your organization and what benefits you can expect from such a program.

Lindsay has years of experience setting up reference programs in customer experience organizations around the globe.

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Jori Ramakers

Written by Jori Ramakers

Jori is one of the co-creators of The ACT Framework. He is the Director of CX Strategy at Tricentis and has been active in the QA & Testing industry for over 12 years.