The Testing Cycle: An Agile Testing Approach to Continuous Delivery

Feb 12, 2020 6:29:53 PM / by Jori Ramakers

The goal of the testing cycle, or software testing life cycle, is to provide just-in-time feedback to development teams on the quality of the application. It is based on the Agile Test Pyramid. The article is the first in a series of articles that talks about the setup of the testing cycle in an enterprise organization. 

How do we implement automated quality gates for a smooth and continuous transition from testing stage to testing stage? How does a set up look like within the teams? How do we collaborate across the teams and how do you coordinate tests that span across the enterprise? Read it now in our Testing Cycle article.

The testing cycle talks about the overall process. It talks about the required testing stages, the roles involved and what is done where in the process. The next articles we will publish talk about the individual testing stages. Depending on the size of the organization, the set up of business lines and the span and scope of an application, the testing cycle may be slightly different for each software delivery pipeline. In some organizations, end-to-end testing may be executed on the program level, and may even be combined with the system integration tests. In others, users are already involved in the individual teams where small user acceptance tests happen. No matter the set up, the concept remains the same - Test Early, Test Often.

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For now, happy reading of The Testing Cycle!

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Jori Ramakers

Written by Jori Ramakers

Jori is one of the co-creators of The ACT Framework. He is the Director of CX Strategy at Tricentis and has been active in the QA & Testing industry for over 12 years.